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Broken Facades Chapter 3

Chapter 3:

(A/N: So, here’s the third chapter. I’m still sick, but I haven’t updated in ages because of that, so I guess it was time. Hope you enjoy :) )


Louis groaned and ran a hand through his hair, not daring to look up.

“Yeah, and I’m a bit desperate, because, as much as I love her, the reason is actually no reason.”

Niall couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Don’t tell me she’s jealous. Because time for a flirt with a random girl isn’t there, so the only ones you could flirt with are Paul, Lou, our crew of older people than us, and us.”

“As if I don’t know that, Niall, but if you want to know it, that’s it! She is jealous of you guys! And it’s not funny, trust me.” Louis snapped at his blonde mate who’s grin quickly turned into a frown. Zayn saw that and put a protective arm around him, giving the oldest guy a glare.

“Leave Niall alone, it’s not your fault that your girlfriend has a bit of a problem.”

Louis glared right back at him and looked like he was about to say something, but after a while he just sank back into his seat and continued to stare out of the window. Whilst Zayn sat back with a last “Whatever.”, only to end up pulling Niall with him who still was positioned in his arms and seemed to enjoy this a lot, Harry and Liam continued to stare at their friend.

“So, you were, or better, are doing that because your girlfriend is jealous? Louis, as clever as you may be usually, this is dumb. First, Eleanor can’t even know you’re distancing yourself from us and second , there is nothing between us. I mean, this just would make sense if we’d be in love with each other.”

Louis didn’t answer then, he just stared before he flashed a little smile at Liam.

“Right. But still, I hope..it’ll get better, I mean, I love her. I just don’t want her to end this.”

'Harry smiled at Louis sadly before he wrapped an arm around him.

“I know, but I’m sure she’ll realize soon how ridiculous she’s being. And to calm you down: You’re not my type.”

Louis laughed and punched him.

“I know, Styles.”

Since then Louis seemed to be happier, and everyone was glad because the tension turned down and they were finally able to fool around with each other again. Well, that was until the evening the lads saw just how furious Eleanor and how desperate Louis was. They were just chilling out in Louis’s flat, Zayn and Niall were cuddled up in each other on one couch and Liam, Harry and Louis sat on the other. The three guys were switching between watching the film they had put on and “Ziall” being disgustingly cute. “Sometimes you could actually think they’re together, couldn’t you?” Harry whisper yelled at the two guys surrounding him. Liam nodded, curiously eyeing the couple. “You’re right, sometimes I even…think about what if they are and just not telling us, but then again they would have a pretty shitty way in hiding it.” Louis chuckled. “Are you sure you aren’t just jealous or something.” He teased which made him receive two hits from Harry and Liam. He pouted. “Harold, I thought you were on my side, but apparently Liam is more important to you then. Maybe I should just accept that and die alone, watching you four being happy.” He dramatically threw himself over his bandmates’s laps.

“So much about nothing to worry about, huh?” A jarring voice came from the door. Everyone’s head snapped up to see Eleanor standing in the door frame, shaking and furious.

Louis immediately got up and reached for his girlfriend’s hand.

“El, we’re just messing around, you know us. Please, we can just…”

“No, Louis. I really have enough. Ever4yday I’m getting hate, telling me I’m ugly and just using you and god knows what else. And you? You’re not there to defend me or just to comfort me. No, you’re here, with your mates, your friends,And you know what? Since everyone already thinks you’d be better off with them, listen to them. It’s over, I can’t do that anymore.”

She chocked back a sob and stormed out of the3 flat, leaving the boys shocked. Louis stared at where she had stood for a moment before getting up and running after her.

“That was..heavy.” Niall muttered. They all nodded, not sure whether to look after Louis or just to wait for him to come back. Before they could decide Louis was there again, pale and with a blank face.

“I guess you didn’t get her back, huh?” Zayn asked and received a hit from Niall. But Louis simply ignored him and pointed to the door. “Get out.” Liam sighed and moved to the now angry guy. “Lou, I know it’s hard, but this isn’t our fault.” “GET THE FUCK OUT!” Harry winced, but pulled Liam out of the door whilst Niall did the same with Zayn.

“I guess we can’t help him right now. We should give him time to calm down.” Zayn stated. Harry smiled a bit bitterly. “Yeah, we did that too when we noticed him acting strange. And now, even after talking with him, it just got worse.”

(A/N: I know, it’s a bit Louis centric by now, but the others will get their parts soon. Thanks for reading!)

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